Even though we’d been away from Lombok for less than two weeks, it felt like a different place upon our return. After the tranquility of West Sumbawa, Kuta Lombok was a bustling metropolitan, not helped by the fact that ‘Spring break’ was in full swing. Our once quiet homestay was now filled with people, as was the rest of the town and the nearby surf breaks.

After a crazy busy surf at Outside Gerupuk, we made it our mission to escape the crowds and seek out lesser known spots near and far. This was our final week in Indonesia, so we wanted to make the most of it and see a few new sights.

We scored a couple of quiet sessions at Are Guling and Mawi, and took to the bike to look further afield. I won’t go into too much detail of where we ended up, but we definitely uncovered a couple of gems. The first, a lesser known right hand point-break that needs a decent sized swell and early morning glass or offshores.

A non-descript mud track led us up and down some beastly hills, past wallowing water buffalo and into this small, rural village where empty waves awaited us. We surfed here twice by ourselves, and a third and final time with a small group of friendly locals and expats, all looking for some escapism.

IMG_2268 Lombok point
Secret point in Lombok

IMG_2266 Lombok point
Hollow Lombok wave

Our second discovery was a perfect find for small days when everywhere else is nigh on flat. A small, sandy beach, tucked away on a spit of headland that hoovers up swell into fun peaky waves on the reef. Again, we had a couple of surfs here without the crowd factor, and although the spot doesn’t offer any great quality, you can make that up by the quantity of waves you can catch to yourself.

IMG_2284 secret beach
Small wave refuge

Unridden Lombok wave

During our final days we stopped more often to appreciate the views as we drove along the coast, and took a few snaps from some of the other beaches dotted around the south coast. Lombok really is beautiful and there’s definitely a lot more of this island that we’d like to see than we were able to on this trip.

IMG_2323 lombok secrets
Rugged Lombok coastline

IMG_2274 Tampah
Views toward Tampah Bay

IMG_2286 Aan
Beautiful Tanjung Aan beach

IMG_2302 lombok secrets
A hint of potential…

Eventually, our stint in Indonesia was coming to a close and it was time to head back to Bali. We spent our last night back at our favourite homestay, Puri Clinton in Benoa, where I got to enjoy a final cup of their delicious ginger tea.

Getting ready to board our flight to Perth, I took a moment to reflect on our surf trip around the world so far:

In the last six months, I’ve surfed in four countries, three continents and two oceans.

I’ve watched the sun sink and rise in and out of the sea 184 times, eaten my own body weight in fish and rice, and spoken in three languages.

I’ve travelled by plane, car, tuk tuk, motorbike, boat and ferry. I’ve gained new scars, turned clothes from white to brown, and held my hat together with a safety pin.

I’ve buried my feet in the sand of countless sun-drenched beaches and breathed in delicious salty air by the lung full.

I’ve traded the daily grind for a life with endless possibilities, where each day is a blank canvas just waiting to be splashed with colour.

This little life of mine is pretty sweet.

Onto the next chapter – Western Australia here I come.


4 thoughts on “Indo endings

  1. Leaving the beaten path is one great thing about surfing. Surfing at the end of the car park comes with convenience and a crowd.

    Quite an adventure you went on. I am quite envious!

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